Sales manager

Location : accountant
Team: Riyadh

General objective of the job:
Organizing and preserving purchasing department records and forms, entering data into the computer, and assisting the purchasing manager in his tasks as requested

Basic job duties:

  1. Data collection and entry.
  2. Providing new sources of supply.
  3. Communicate with local suppliers.
  4. Study current and new products in the market.
  5. Familiarity with all types of work field, how they work and their uses
  6. Participate in the process of designing and modifying packaging and product development
  7. Make urgent orders by phone or bring them directly in person.
  8. Recording information about the main items on a daily basis and in detail about the products we have in terms of prices, quantities, sizes and weights. All main product specifications.
  9. Providing samples or urgent goods from the local market personally.
  10. Coordinating the movement of delivery and distribution of goods from suppliers to stores, warehouses, or customers.
  11. Track drivers’ movement and distribute areas to them. Maintaining files and records and entering them into the program.
  12. Support other teams with various administrative tasks (forwarding calls, disseminating correspondence, scheduling meetings etc.)
  13. Dealing with all contracts, such as entering, amending, or reviewing their contents with the competent authority.
  14. Helping in managing vendor relationships, such as responding to their inquiries or receiving their complaints and directing them to the department official.
  15. Follow up on purchase orders after installation and ensure the availability of all orders.
  16. Produce price comparison reports with competitors.
  17. Comparing new offers for existing products in terms of general description and prices.
  18. Comparing new offers for products that are not currently available in terms of general description and market prices.
  19. Assist department members and cover editors in completing their job duties.

Non-essential job duties:

  1. Propose solutions to the company’s procurement problems.
  2. Save documents and files.

Job occupant specifications:

  1. Negotiation skills
  2. Good skills in Microsoft Excel
  3. Good English.
  4. Good skills in checking, reviewing and inputting.

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